Saturday, March 15, 2008

Thanks to all !

James and I at ice-level following a game.

Well after the team meeting we had yesterday I feel the team used this experience, as frustrating as it was at time as a learning experience. We are looking forward to next season to put some of the things we talked about into action.

Cons for the Week
  • There were times when we knew what was going wrong, but we were not able to recognise what to do to fix it, in that moment.
  • We missed shots based on team communication, and mental errors.
  • We faced a lot of obstacles due to illnesses

Pros for the Week

  • We were never out-curled, we had an opportunity to win every game.
  • From a technical stand-point we were very competitive.
  • Even thought we faced adversity in the form of illnesses, gift-wrapping 3 enders for our opposition the fact that we are staying on the 13th floor (its says 14 on the elevator, but we all know the truth. Just admit it.) We still were competitive in every game, and in most cases we out-curling the opposition, this just never translated to a win.

Me with a few of the New Brunswick supporters and our team driver.

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