Monday, March 10, 2008

On To Day Three

James, Greg Milloy (our driver) and Lorne (our flag-bearer)
getting ready for opening ceremonies.

We start early with a game against Manitoba, the crowd favorite. Our team had a good day splitting it 1-1. Our loss against K-Mart (Kevin Martin) was hard to take, but from a coaches perspective we went 10 ends with him and we gave up two, 3 point ends to him. I feel that is an accomplishment, considering his team is very strong.

I am happy to see our team has their patience back, I feel we tried to push a bit to hard against Nova Scotia, our first game. With Martin and then Cowan, from the territories, I feel the team waited for their opportunities to score points, that is more like the way this team plays. Also, this is the way we won the provincial. With patience.

We had a meeting in my hotel room tonight to discuss tomorrow's agenda. I think we have a fairly good game plan for our morning game.

Also, we have an autograph signing session for an hour in the afternoon tomorrow, which is always entertaining and a great way to meet lots of people. Speaking of people, the draws have been well attended and some of the 50/50 ticket winners have been getting over 3 thousand bucks. The people are very nice here and the city warmed up enough for us to walk around outside.

I'll check back with you tomorrow for more updates. Good night everyone and sends lots of emails to

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Theresa MacCallum said...

We enjoyed watching the game on your "big screen" looking forward to seeing the rest of the games! Hope everyone is feeling better today, it didn't slow you down yesterday Good luck today