Friday, March 7, 2008

Long First Day !

It has been quite a first day here at the 2008 Tim Horton's Brier in Winnipeg, Man. Wake up was at 6:30, with a temperature of -27 to start the day.

We headed to the MTS center for an early practice on all the sheets. This gave us and idea of what to expect from the ice this week. There was a meeting held with all the teams to get the details on what the expectations are from the event organizers and officials.

We participated in the Hot Shots skill competition, where Jason and James both have a spot in the final "8". They will compete tomorrow for a 2-year lease on a 2008 Ford Fusion.
We are taking a very quick breather at the hotel and are heading out to the opening Gala dinner, where we are going to be looking good in some tuxs. Then we are heading over to see Burton Cummings perform at the Brier Patch.
Highlight of the day had to be Kevin Martin and I stuck in an elevator going up, when we were intending to go down, (we took the seanic route). By the way these have to be the fastest evelators in the world. Lobby to the 14th floor in a few seconds, I am almost sure there is a moment of weighlessness when you stop !
Bye for now more info coming is a pick of the team practicing for the Hot Shots. Nice work Andy !

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