Thursday, March 13, 2008

Heading into The Last Games of the Round Robin !

Peter Case and I taking pictures of each other.

After suffering some very difficult loses, we are looking to finish up the round robin against two teams who are still in the running for a playoff spot.

We play Newfoundland's Brad Gushue (Olympic Gold Medalist) and British Columbia's Bob Ursel. Both of these teams cannot afford another loss or else they will be out of the running.

Our team has been playing well enough to do some giant killing by taking down these teams. It has been a frustrating week. From dealing with illnesses of three out of the four players, yesterday Peter had food poisoning and did not play in either of the two games. Despite all this the team has actually been playing very well, it just seems we cannot get the shots we need in those "do or die" situations.

That is what is most frustrating, we are playing well enough to win, and all the pieces are there to make it happen, we just have to get it all work at the same time. At the risk of sounding like I am making excuses, I must say that the final standings do not tell the whole story of Brier.

The team is looking at this as a learning experience and hoping to make some changes and push for New Brunswick's first Brier win in history.

We are loving all the support please keep it coming we still have 2 big games left.


HeatherGrattan said...

Regardless of what the standings reflect or the outcome of the games you are my constant champion, Dean Grattan. I'm just as proud of you in this moment and I would be if your names were in number one. Make the time count and come home soon! Love you! xoxo

Theresa MacCallum said...

Always knew you were a winning team now it is up to all of you to realize it. It really is not weather you win or lose it is how you play the game...miss ya come home soon.