Sunday, March 9, 2008

Day Two Begins

James getting his microphone on for the TSN headshots

We are heading into our second game against Kevin Martin or as I like to call him "K-mart". We had a tough loss against Nova Scotia, where we lost on a measure. The team is all fired up and ready to go despite a few of the players feeling a bit under the weather.
We had the medical services team take a look at them and we have them on some medication now.
Best case scenario is we string 2 wins together today. Keep on cheering NB !


David McTimoney said...

The Raptors on CBC, Crosby vs Ovechkin on NBC and Grattan vs Martin on TSN...what a great Sunday afternoon of sports on TV! Keep playing hard NB...we'll see you in the W-column soon.

David McT

Theresa MacCallum said...

Hey Team New Brunswick...saw the game last guys are doing GREAT...Keep up the good work!!