Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Day Four

New Brunswick's James Grattan vs. Alberta's Kevin Martin

Update: I forgot to mention yesterday's highlight. I met Hammy MacMillian, Scottish curling champion and world champion. Basically on of the best curlers in the world. He was very nice and man that accent is cool !
This is the day when you will start to see the separation in the field here at the 2008 Brier. Looking at the Win/Loss record as of right now, and predicting the games to come, it is quite possible that 4, maybe 5, losses could get you into the playoffs or at least a tie-breaker.

We play Quebec's Jean-Michel Menard this afternoon. They have just come off a heart-breaking loss against Newfoundland's Brad Gushue last night. What I am currently doing is going through the statistics information of the shots made during last nights game. Hopefully I will discover a weakness that we can use against Menard, who is the 2006 Brier champion.

If you read into the stats. you can discover a weak turn or shot type. For example, say a skip has a weak out-turn. If we know this going into the game, and we have the opportunity to leave him an in-turn or an out-turn, than we will play to his weakness, the out-turn and play the odds.

After our afternoon game we play our provincial neighbor P.E.I., who had their first win last night. We have to be careful that they did not just start a roll. We are very familiar with this team, as James used to play with some of them, when he lived on the island, and the team has competed in many of the same tournaments as us.

We are really enjoying the emails so keep them coming at brier2008@curling.ca


HeatherGrattan said...

The team is in good hands if you're on task searching for weaknesses in your opponents. Couldn't help snicker (there's a word I hardly use!) as I read that imagining you decked out like Clark Kent preparing to take them on like Superman. You rock, Babe! Great update. (I feel like I'm marking your blog like your students) 9/10! HA HA Love you

HeatherGrattan said...

PS: Your biggest fans are requesting you post a picture of you on here soon too - the man behind the blog!

Theresa MacCallum said...

Hello Team New Brunswick, I have been making a scrap book of all the articles in the papers it is coming together well it will be worth a lot if I am doing this for the winning team!!!Hope all is well and over the flu. Hope today is a winning day.We miss you Dean!