Thursday, February 28, 2008

Welcome Everyone !

L to R: James Grattan, Mike Kennedy, Jason Vaughan, Peter Case
(Not Shown Alternate Andy McCann, and Coach Dean Grattan)
My wish is to invite you all to share the wonderful experience of attending a Brier. The best way I know how to do this is to have you take come along for the ride.
Before we leave, we have many people to thank for getting us here. The team has had a little over two weeks to get ready for the 2008 Tim Horton's Brier, otherwise known as "The Show".
I personally would like to thank my wife Heather and all the teams family and friends for their loving support.
I would also like to thank Oromocto High School and School District 17 for the incredible support they have shown by allowing me to be away to participate in this event.
Maxine MacConnell for taking over some of my extra-curricular responsibilities during my absence.
My mother-in-law Theresa MacCallum for hemming our brand new curling pants provided to us by Codiac Curling Supplies.
There is so much that goes into making our participation in this event possible, thank you all for your support. We will do our very best for you.
On with "The Show", I look forward to communicating with all of you before, during and after the event. Feel free to contact me, the team by checking out my profile in the upper right-hand corner, through the official event website or through the comments link at the bottom of each post.
We will do our best to represent our province and our supporters well.


Max said...

I want to be the first to meeage you on the blog. Good luck Team NB!


Max said...

If only I could type...I wanted to be the first to message you, not meeage you. haha Finger dyslexia! Max

Anonymous said...

Well hello there hope you have all arrived safely in "Winterpeg" a balmy -33 degrees today. We back here at home do not wish to change places with you because of the temperature...maybe tomorrow...Saw your names on the screen at Tim Hortons. looks like it is official! That New Brunswick is rooting for you... So GET 'ER DONE!!! Theresa and Greg MacCallum

Anonymous said...

Hello Team New Brunswick...hope you are all settled in and are keeping warm, we back here in New Brunswick are really looking forward to seeing you guys win big...Theresa and Greg.

HeatherGrattan said...

In the words of Bugs Bunny... "On with the show this is it." Words can't describe how proud I was to be there this morning at the airport to see you guys off and wish you well. Soak it up, enjoy every minute and know, without a doubt that there are many, many fans back home cheering for Team NB! Dean - the blog looks awesome. I'm so proud of you, honey. Proud that you are such an amazing, inspirational coach and glad that after all you give of yourself every day at work, in the community and home with me you have this opportunity to get away, do what you love most and enjoy yourself. You deserve it, babe! With a coach like you this team can't go wrong! Love you! Cheers, guys.

Anonymous said...

LET'S GO NEW BRUNSWICK!! If I were teaching where I was last year I'd make the trip down to Winnipeg to cheer live, but I'm in BC now, so I'll be watching closely on TV and the internet!
Great work on the blog Dean!
Erin & Evan Harris :)

Theresa MacCallum said...

As the sun is setting over Oromocto, we are all wondering how are those brass monkeys doin??? Cold eh? Hope you are having a good time.Friday night Dean and we are on our way to the mall...dinner( not Demetries) and a movie...Know we are thinking of you !

Anonymous said...

Hey just going out to settle in to watch the opening of the games...Give er! Good luck Team New Brubnswick...we miss you Dean


Good luck Mr. Grattan & boys !
Have an amazing time !
We all miss you Grattan, but we're all also proud.
You better have at least one good story for your lovely media studies class when you come back !
Take care, good luck & were cheering you on !

/chels♥ said...

good luck Mr.Grattan! Hope you're having fun and winning!

kelly said...

Dean best of luck to you and the NB team. Hope you enjoy the rest of your time in Winnipeg. We miss your banter in staff room.